What is BrainPro?

BrainPro is an online intervention service combining Fast ForWord® educational software with a professional online consultant to help your child get ahead.

BrainPro is for all students who need a boost.

The BrainPro program helps improve reading by building the cognitive and reading skills of the student in a fun and engaging way.

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In the meantime, read what parents have to say about BrainPro.

Why It Works: Brain Fitness

The over 50 research-based Fast ForWord exercises in BrainPro strengthen your child's cognitive skills – attention, processing rate, sequencing and memory – in addition to building language, reading and writing ability.

Using the exercises 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week accelerates learning and improves academic achievement.

Watch a free recorded webinar: The Hidden Reason Your Child Struggles to Read to learn about a common, but elusive problem that impacts many children’s ability to read. Plus, hear from a parent about her experience with BrainPro.

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How It Works: Online Software + Private
Professional Consultation

Your child works at home on Fast ForWord, which is delivered to your computer via the Internet. Fast ForWord has been used in classrooms and reading clinics for over 15 years and is proven to improve reading test scores and student confidence.

A professional BrainPro Consultant monitors and reports your child's progress on a weekly basis via phone or email.

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Who Should Use BrainPro?

BrainPro is for the child who needs a boost. Your child may not be meeting your expectations academically and needs extra help. Giving BrainPro to your child provides her with the tools to succeed, both in the classroom and in daily life.

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Products for Educators

If you're interested in using our innovative learning programs in your classroom, visit our company site, Scientific Learning, to learn about products for educators.

What is the Fast ForWord family of products?

The Fast ForWord® software (a total of ten different products) is an online intervention that strengthens the key pathways in the brain through intensive, adaptive exercises. It is different from other interventions because it targets the underling cognitive skills that help students learn, so they can pay closer attention to their teachers, absorb information faster, and remember what they are taught.

The program addresses reading skills (phonological awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding) while concurrently developing foundational cognitive skills like memory, attention, processing, and sequencing. These cognitive skills are central to all learning, resulting in improved outcomes for reading and other subject areas, too.

Fast ForWord products offer real-world results for parents, educators, and specialists around the globe. Students using the program can raise their reading skill level up to 2 years in as little as 3 months!